Monday, February 15, 2010

Honda's Liquid Spare Tire Comes In Handy

It always seems that as soon as you are running late for something or that your job is on the line, you get a flat tire. While many people back in the day used to be able to change their own tire in no time at all, not many people do that now. This because we have grown used to calling a service like AAA to come out and change the tire for us. Some people are afraid to attempt to change their own tire because they have a fear that they will do it wrong and then the tire will fall off, causing them to wreck. Then there are those who simply do not always have a spare tire in the car to use. This could be because the car is a super sports car with no room for a spare or maybe because the spare got misplaced or flat.

Either way, you want to make sure that you have a way that you can fix your tire and get back on the road in no time at all. Vehicles do not always get their tires changed by services like AAA in time. If you are late for work, you do not have the time to wait. Depending on the day and how many other people have called into the service, you could actually find yourself sitting there for hours, watching the other cars fly by while you should be in your important business meeting. This is not want you want to have happen to you.

So, what is the solution for vehicles with flat tires? Generally, people will use a liquid tire sealant that has been around for a few years. The thing is though; there have been problems with those. They have become difficult to clean out because the liquid oftentimes becomes gummy or even hardens inside the tire, making the cars tires become unbalanced. This in itself can cause more problems. Because of this and the knowledge that not everyone can or wants to change their own tire, Honda came up with the liquid tire. This is a temporary kit that they have come standard in with an automatic transmission Honda Fit 2009.

The liquid tire kit for cars comes with a sealer container, a compressor with a pressure gauge that is a 12-volt, a hose for extraction, an extraction bottle and an easy to follow guidebook. When the sealant is used properly in cars, the sealant will flow to the sources of the leak and then it will seal it, solving the problem. The liquid will not affect the tire itself or the balance of the tire, unlike some of its older competitors. Even if you are stranded outside with a flat in the middle of winter, the sealant can work on cars tires in minus 30 degrees C. It may even be able to work in temperatures lower than that, but it is not guaranteed to work as well.

The thing to remember is that this repair for tires on vehicles is a temporary fix. You will want to get your vehicles to a repair shop or a tire center. They will then extract the sealant, using the extraction hose and container and then put a more long term fix on the tire.

So why has Honda gone through all of this trouble to provide their customers with a liquid tire instead of a regular, old fashioned spare tire? Simply put, it is more fuel efficient. Honda works hard to make sure that their vehicles are working towards a better planet. A spare tire weighs down a car, making it less fuel efficient. A liquid tire kit for cars weighs much less; therefore, less gasoline will be used.

Even if you are not driving a Honda for the time being, you should look into the liquid tire options instead of waiting around for an emergency road side assistance company or weighing your cars down with spare tires. There are better options out there and it is up to you to make sure that you are exploring all of them.

You might still get flats on your vehicles from time to time, but you never have to find yourself stuck or stranded somewhere because of it.