Thursday, April 9, 2009

1992 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce Weaves a Web of Mystery over Buyers

Alfa Spiders have always been considered to be much more than just a vehicle. These cars were produced from the 1960s to the 1990s and they were always available only in limited production numbers. The highest number of these cars produced in any one year was just over 5100. This rarity added to the allure and mystique that always accompanied the Alfa Romeo name. The Alfa Spider Veloce convertible that was marketed in 1992 remains a favorite for many today and when one is advertised for sale it will not stay on the market very long.

These exquisitely crafted machines have always been regarded as being special Italian racing cars. They come with an illustrious pedigree and an automotive DNA history rich with speed, luxury and dashing looks. To own one of these cars has brought an owner a certain amount of cachet and to drive one has been a privilege of some and a fantasy of many sports car enthusiasiasts around the world. The 1992 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce is one of the rarities in this famous line of automobiles because it has clout, speed and visual appeal to both sexes of all ages.

Beginning with the earliest Alfa Romeo cars their reputation was described as a sports car for gentlemen and was not considered the type of vehicle that one would take slogging about in the forests or on off road tracks. Ideally one would not subject the Alfa Romeo cars to rough handling or excessive speeds just for the sake of showing off in front of others. These cars were pampered and coddled by their owners and were known to be a bit a bit balky and petulant if maintenance or care was neglected or postponed. Given proper consideration and treatment the Alfa Romeo would deliver a quality ride to a gentle and generous owner or driver.

The sexy sleek lines of the dashing Alfa Romeo had always attracted attention and the 1992 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce was certainly no exception. The chassis of these cars have a uni-body design that has proven to be extremely durable and imparts a particular elegance to the feel and handling of this automobile. When you factored in the lightweight, aerodynamic build of the car, the high tech engineering design and the flashy look of the vehicle it was easy to see why drivers from many countries lusted after them. Even the price tag placed on the vehicles was very affordable, especially when compared with many other luxury sports cars from Italy, Germany or even the United States.

When the 1992 models were placed on the market they were greeted by an enthusiastic group of sports car lovers. The interior and dash components were covered with real leather in the upscale Veloce vehicle, although there were some suede accents made for inserts in both the seats and the doors. The base units of the same year had only vinyl covering for their seats. The small amount of plastic that was used in the interior dash components was well constructed and very little cracking was seen, even today, many years after the original manufacturing date.

These 1992 Spider Veloce models came with toneau covers made of leather and they also had canvas tops that were surprisingly resilient in many different kinds of weather. Mechanically these speedsters were cars that you could rely upon to get you where you needed to be with style and elegance to spare. The engines were twin overhead cams with four cylinders and although regular maintenance was a mandatory for the best performance, the engines in these cars were amazingly easy to work on.

The last of any major changes to the Spider car line came with the Series 4 line up that lasted from 1990 through 1993/94. The largest of the design differences was in the mechanics of the car. An electronic Bosch Motronic fuel injection unit was installed complete with its own electric fan. The Spider also had the spoiler removed from under the front bumper as well as the spoiler that usually graced the top of the trunk. New lights were installed in the back of the vehicle and they stretched the entire width of the rear end. The physical changes to the North American models began in 1991 and they included power steering, new plastic bumpers, driver airbags and the loss of the beloved spoilers.

There were two choices of Spider convertible created by the Alfa Romeo Company. The base model and the upscale Veloce roadster were the options available. There were not many differences in these cars. The Veloce vehicle had leather seats instead of the vinyl units and slightly larger wheels. The Spider Veloce model had 15” alloy wheels with special hubcaps. If you selected the upgraded vehicle you also received great air conditioning units and a canvas top as standard equipment. In 1992 almost 4000 of these cars were made and sold in Europe and North America and today collectors avidly seek them out and will pay top dollar for an original 1992 Spider Veloce vehicle in mint, or nearly mint, condition.

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