Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2006 Adrenaline Murtaya

On April 11Th 2006, Adrenaline Motor-sports in Cornwall launched a kit car, The Murtaya. A kit car is basically like a modular home except it is a car. The kit comes complete, meaning that it comes from a single donor. This happens to be the 1993 to 2000 Subaru Impreza so you don't have to search hard for extra additions to tweak the performance of the car. In that case, the WRX and the STi models make great extra donor parts in either design, the normal aspirated or turbocharged. But if you are going whole hog then the Impreza Type R or Type RA will go a long way to making your standard package into a great sports car.

People can purchase the kit and assemble it themselves. This was done for financial reasons. It comes in different packages. The main two packages are road spec and the race spec. and the road spec. The road version has a full windshield, air conditioning, leather interior, sound insulation, central locking, and power windows. If you decide to modify the car it is suggested to purchase if possible a whole car (good place to look is the local junk yard.)

To design this car so to ensure that all parts fit as they should, they used CAD modeling and a lot of analyzing. The main concern was the chassis. It needed to be strong so it would be capable to handle the extreme stresses that it will be under.

The basic kit package has these components.

Main Monocoque, Trunk lid, front clam shell, both doors, dashboard, door trim panels, center console, front sub-frame, gear selector rod modifications, steering column modifications, prop shaft, pedal box bracket, steering column bracket, door hinges, pitch stop mount bracket, trunk hinges, bonnet hinge (the protective hinged metal cover over a motor vehicle's engine.)

So the rest of the car that is needed you would need to get from another donor car. A great place to look for whole donor cars is auction houses. You could just go to the local junk yard just for a partial car but a whole car is best you never know what part you need to use or just do some extra modifications. This kit was designed for the home mechanic who is looking for an exciting project for home assembly.

There are three versions of the road version. Standard, WRX, and STi Type-RA or Type R. The standard has all wheeled drive with a 5 speed manual transmission. The WRX has horsepower in the lower 200 range and is a 5-6 speed manual transmission. The WRX STi version will have horsepower in the upper 200 range. The STi Type-RA has a 6-speed transmission, driver controlled central differential. The five-speed Road car's weight is 2035 pounds. The six-speed road Car's weight is also 2035 pounds. Whereas the track car has the lowest weight at 1870 and that is with it being a 6-speed manual transmission.

All of the car versions feature "a composite monocoque tub with GRP front clam shell." There is a multi pointed space frame that is bolted to the main tub where the engine and the front suspension is bolted in. Whereas the rear suspension, gearbox, prop shaft center bearing are bolted right on the monocoque. This to allow a stiff platform for the suspensions to keep the wheels on the ground.

The exterior of the car was also the result of extreme designing work that took in the visual impact. While also taking into account things like plenty trunk space. Overall, when it is finished the car has great visual appeal with every day practicality to do things like shopping, weekend trips, going to work, or going camping.

Before it was even considered ready to sell, it went through a battery of circuit testing at the "Brands Hatch International Circuit", which was viewed by the public and where it was clocked at 400 miles per hour. This car project was under the supervision of these three men, Neil Yates...the managing director, Daniel Muir...head designer and Tom Taylor...head engineer. Which, by the way, is where the name of the car came from these men's last names..."Mur from Muir, Ta from Taylor, Ya from Yates."

"True Concept Cars" is handling of the distribution of the cars in Europe. "True Concept Cars" is located in Budel, Netherlands. Their target customers for worldwide markets are in North America, China, and Russia.

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